Product Video

Whilst exhibiting at the Home Building & Renovation Show we filmed the products on our stand. The below video showcases many of our products, in particular our interior doors.


To help you understand our product range we have detailed below the products in the order they appear along with a description.


  1. The video starts with our unique ‘Floating Lock’ door. This allows doors to have full height panels of unobstructed glass (as shown) or you can have slim 20mm horizontal Astragal bars across the glass.
  2. The next product showcases out exterior double door with sidelights each side of the door, this combination also has bottom kick plates across the bottom width of the doors and sidelight. This combination can also be manufactured as interior doors and sidescreens.
  3. Our exterior window, this particular style shows cross grid astragal bars but is also available with horizontal bars or antique leads.
  4. This is quickly followed by our interior fixed screen/partition. The one shown is 4mm toughened glass (laminated glass also available) with our slim astragal bar in a grid style, again any style can be manufactured.
  5. The next products shown are our interior doors, in order of the video the first shows an interior door at 2350mm high, this has a bathroom latch lock with Satinova obscure glass for privacy, again single glazed toughened glass.
  6. Interior set of double doors with a Satinova obscure centre strip of glass with clear above and below, and standard latch lock.
  7. Interior door with integrated fixed light above. This door has the classic ‘Reeded’ glass strip across the centre. The benefit of the integrated fixed light is that it creates a much simmer joint between the door and the glass panel above.


The video then shows that the interior single and double doors do not have any bottom threshold allowing the floor covering to pass through the doors. The locking latch keep is neat and similar to internal timber doors. Our slim hinges are discreet and located traditionally with 2 high on the door for greater rigidity.

As with all the Aluco interior and exterior doors, screens, partitions and windows various styles are available along with glass and hardware finishes. Interior doors and screen are available with single or double glazed units and a bottom frame threshold can be supplied if required.


Aluco STEEL-LOOK Exterior

Aluco's next generation steel-look windows and doors, offering a range of internal and external windows, doors and screens that provide a modern aluminium alternative. Single, double and triple glaze options complimented with a comprehensive range of colours and hardware options.


Aluco's sleek range of modern sliding aluminium doors, available with slim interlocks in 2,3 and 4 pane sliding options. Low thresholds, smooth and textured colours all providing smooth gliding and easy to operate functionality plus much more...


Aluco's versatile and multi-opening bi-fold door allows you to choose a multitude of opening options and style. From 2 to 6 doors opening combinations and low thresholds each door is manufactured to suit your needs, even dual-colour options are available.

Architectural glazing solutions blended with precision engineering to transform your living space into something truly extraordinary...